Ours cattery is a small and serious Birman Cattery , regularly associate in'ANFI (Italian National Association of Feline). We are proud to let you know that it is a cattery for passion as our puppies born and grow with us, they live in an environment clean, constantly surrounded by the affection of all. They are followed and pampered from the moment they come to light and from the earliest days of life to our presence in the house with lots of space to live and play, develop a balanced, sociable, calm and playful.

The Birman adventure began in 2000, when after a visit to a cat show in Verona we knew Raffaella Bocus, and from the moment we have had Enea, her stud put in us arms, we felt in love! A soft white cat withthe deep blue eyes that gave kisses and hugs ... how can you resist?

So we have waited for his next litter and finally she has arrived, Brengel's Elicriso and attractive blue point girl founder of Cheers Beauty.

From that day our family has expanded and now live with Elicriso, Zamantha, MyMirage le Maggye May ... all watched by the watchful eye of Pajazzo, the stallion of the house! Finally I must say a few words about the person who gave me the energy to take this route, I'll just say that without her enthusiasm and her friendship CheersBeauty will not exist : her name's Stefania Speca companion in this adventure and whom I share the pride for our cats, the joys and pains that sometimes the choice of breeding means.